Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not yet 1 month

Okay! So I was almost to the "not bloggin for a month mark"
But I didn't make it! YAY!!!! (just shy a few days)

So update on our lives
We are on our 2nd round of the crockpot meals... and boy can I say LIFESAVER! This year has been less stressful already just because of those. Some of our favorites so far... the pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, the potato soup... and those are 2 to name a few!
Now to the pictures!

You might ask why I have an awkward picture of myself... Well I had to document this day because when I was younger I NEVER thought I would tuck a t-shirt into pants.. Well ladies and gentleman at the age of 24... I did! (This is for you mom!)
 Had to include this little cutie niece of mine!! WAR EAGLE!
 I had to miss one day, and my class wrote me a note! They are so much fun!
 For all of you Big Bang Theory lovers (or BBT!) I was looking through our Word Work books, and came across this... I about went through the roof. I want to teach my kids this just for Sheldon!
(For those that don't watch it..Sorry you wouldn't understand!)
 We got to go to a Razorback game! So fun... even though they lost!
 Let's talk about an awesome book!!! My kids are really starting to figure things out! If you are a teacher you might consider using this. It only takes about 10-15 min when they get the hang of it!
 Last week my grandaddy (DD) was in town, and we headed up to Kansas City for the day to see my cousins twin boys! They were so cute! Almost a month old... and so little!
My lil sister was in Miss BHS at her school. She won overall interview and a scholarship!!! WAHOOO!!!

So on a funny note... While I was gone to Kansas City my sub (who knows me) was talking to my kids about my hair (recently died.. back dark like beginning of summer) and then cut short (above my shoulders)... She told them that my hair changes with the seasons... ha. They asked me the next day if my hair was going to get long again... I was confused until I talked to her and she explained!
Well guess I now have to change it come winter.

And on a final note.. Tomorrow is an exciting day in the classroom!
My class can now read 20 minutes for both read to self and partner reading! That is 40 minutes all together! (Jump for Joy!)
We are having a reading celebration where their parents are invited to read with us for that time!! 
They are so excited!!! 
I love teaching 1st grade...  I mean come on... they get excited about a reading party, what more could you ask for?? :D

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